My Attempt to Understand What is the Talking Stage in a Relationship

Diving into the nuanced world of modern dating, I aimed to decode a phenomenon that, while seemingly new, has roots extending far beyond the digital age: the “talking stage” in a relationship.

This phase, nestled between mere acquaintance and definitive commitment, offers both thrill and bewilderment.

Through my exploration, I discovered that this concept, despite its contemporary label, is not exclusively a Gen Z innovation but a timeless aspect of human connection, now illuminated by social media and dating apps.


What is the talking stage in a relationship? It’s an un-defined early stage where individuals begin to develop an emotional connection and engage in open communication, yet without an official relationship title.

Contrary to popular belief, this stage is not a new concept; it’s a modern term for an age-old dating process, previously navigated through friend talk or handwritten letters rather than texts.



Engaging in deep texting conversations that last into the wee hours, sprinkled with emoticons and personal revelations about daily life.

Connecting via a dating app like Hinge, moving from virtual dating to contemplating an actual relationship.

What is Expected?

A foundation of open communication, discussing feelings, interests, and expectations without the immediacy of labels.

Transparency about seeing other people, if applicable, to foster trust from the outset.

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Open Communication

Open communication during the talking phase of a relationship is the cornerstone upon which the foundation for a potential future together is built.

It’s a pivotal element in the pre-relationship talking stage, where many relationships either flourish or flounder.

Unlike the term dating traditionally, which implies a more defined relationship, the talking phase embodies a vague relationship status, often leaving participants navigating a sea of uncertainty.

Despite this, open communication can transform even our classes into opportunities for lively anecdotes, and texting conversations into moments where a gentle forehead kiss is felt across digital waves.

It’s about sharing exceptionally strong feelings and the fears of potentially having “caught feelings,” thus moving beyond the superficial to explore the complex identity of one another.

Hinge users reported that through genuine, open discourse, what begins as a vague idea of someone can evolve into actual evidence of compatibility and, perhaps, the beginning of a real relationship.

It’s the process of getting to know the intricate details of another person, from their daily routines to their deepest desires, instantly introducing a level of intimacy previously unattained.

This stage, often described as dating torture by Gen Z, becomes less daunting as more than a third of those navigating it find solace in the clarity and trust built through earnest and open exchanges.

How do I Do the Talking Stage Correctly?

  • Prioritize clear and honest communication to avoid misunderstandings and ensure both parties are on the same page.
  • Respect each other’s boundaries, recognizing that emotional readiness varies from person to person.

Violations of the Talking Stage

  • Jumping to conclusions about exclusivity without a mutual agreement.
  • Fading away or offering inconsistent communication, which can lead to disappointment and confusion.
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Ideas of How to Get Out of the Talking Stage

  • Be forthright about your feelings and what you’re looking for; initiating a conversation about the future can clarify intentions.
  • If desiring more, express that openly; if the feelings aren’t mutual, it may be time to reassess.

The “Talking” Stage is Getting Out of Hand and I Think it Needs to Change

  • Although often attributed to Gen Z, the talking stage reflects a longstanding aspect of dating that has simply evolved with technology.
  • A survey by dating app Hinge revealed that nearly a thousand people feel trapped in this phase, suggesting a collective yearning for clearer definitions in relationships.

The Pre Relationship Talking Stage in the Dating Process

Through unraveling the intricacies of the talking stage, I’ve experienced a mix of enthusiasm for budding connections and frustration over its ambiguous nature.

While this stage lays the groundwork for casual dating and good dating energy, it also risks stagnating relationship progression.

Navigating this period effectively hinges on honest communication, setting transparent expectations, and respecting individual emotional journeys.

Recognizing the talking stage as part of a historical continuum—rather than a fleeting trend—may offer valuable insights into fostering healthier, more defined relationships in our hyper-connected era.

The dating torture gen z has to endure, along with millennials and other generations, can make relationship hard.

Do what you can to understand what is going on while giving some grace to others who are trying their best.

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