I love fun debate topics.

My husband and I are always on the look out for interesting relationship topics, controversial questions, and find where our different opinions take us. It reminds me of when we first started dating.

Dating can be full of laughter and learning about each other in fun ways. One way to do this is through debating light-hearted topics.

Here’s a list of funny debate topics for dating that new and existing couples can enjoy.

Natasha Love


21 Funny Debate Topics for Dating

1. Who would make a better best friend: Taylor Swift or Beyoncé?

Dive into what qualities make a good best friend and how these superstars embody those traits. This topic can lead to a broader discussion about the importance of loyalty, trust, and fun in a relationship.

2. If you had to live in an alternate universe created by any director, whose would it be: Wes Anderson or Tim Burton?

Explore the quirky, colorful world of Wes Anderson versus the gothic, fantastical universe of Tim Burton. This debate can reveal preferences for aesthetics, storytelling, and whether one partner leans towards a more whimsical or mysterious life.

  • Aesthetic preferences and their meanings
  • Storytelling styles we relate to
  • Imagining daily life in alternate universes

inside a movie theatre

3. Should celebrities run for political office?

A chance to discuss the intersection of fame and political power, this topic can uncover attitudes towards political beliefs, celebrity influence, and the qualifications needed to lead.

  • Influence of celebrities on public opinion
  • Separation of entertainment and serious governance
  • Examples of celebrities turned politicians

4. Who would survive longer in a zombie apocalypse: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Bear Grylls?

This funny debate pits physical strength against survival skills. It’s an entertaining way to discuss who you’d want on your team in a crisis and can lead to deeper conversations about handling challenging situations in a new relationship.

  • Qualities valued in crisis situations
  • Teamwork and leadership in relationships
  • Humorous scenarios involving celebrities

5. Is it better to have separate friendships or share the same friend group with your partner?

Use examples of celebrity couples who either share the same circle of friends or maintain separate friendships. This topic can lead to relationship debate questions about personal space, independence, and how friendships influence a relationship.

  • Balancing individuality and togetherness
  • Impact of friends on a relationship
  • Trusting your partner with opposite-gender friends

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6. Which celebrity couple is the ultimate relationship goals: Barack and Michelle Obama or John Legend and Chrissy Teigen?

Discussing the dynamics of these famous relationships can open up conversations about what makes a good relationship, including communication, public versus private personas, and supporting each other’s careers.

  • Values and goals in a relationship
  • Balancing public image and private life
  • Support and teamwork between partners

7. Who would make a better pet: Grumpy Cat or Boo the Dog?

A light-hearted debate on whether a famously sour-faced cat or an adorably cute dog wins as the better companion. This can segue into talks about preferences for pets and how they fit into a couple’s life.

  • Pet preferences and personality traits
  • The role of pets in a good relationship
  • Funny debates about celebrity animals

8. If you could have dinner with any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

This question isn’t just about choosing a celebrity but also about the reasons behind the choice, revealing interests, historical figures one admires, and the kind of conversations one values.

  • Interests and curiosities
  • Admiration for historical figures
  • Desire for entertaining or enlightening conversation

9. Which celebrity should have their own reality show but doesn’t?

Argue for a celebrity who you think would provide entertaining or insightful viewing if they had a reality show. This can lead to funny debates about the nature of fame, privacy, and entertainment value.

  • Entertainment value versus privacy
  • The appeal of reality TV
  • Celebrities as real people versus their public personas

10. Is pizza a complete food group?

Everyone loves pizza, but does it deserve its own spot on the food pyramid? This funny debate topic can lead to discussions about favorite toppings and whether pineapple really belongs on pizza.

  • Does pizza have all the necessary nutrients?
  • Should there be a pizza in every meal?
  • Pineapple on pizza: yes or no?

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11. Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?

This classic and funny debate topic tests your partner’s strategy skills and creativity. It’s a great way to see how they think through unique challenges.

  • Which option is less terrifying?
  • What weapons would you use?
  • How would you defend yourself?

12. Should toilet paper hang over or under?

A debate as old as time, this question about toilet paper orientation can reveal a lot about someone’s personality and preferences for personal space.

  • What are the benefits of each method?
  • Is there a correct way to hang toilet paper?
  • How important is this in a shared living space?

13. Morning person vs. night owl: Who has it better?

Discussing whether it’s better to be an early bird or a night owl can lead to funny stories about mishaps caused by being up too early or too late.

  • Benefits of being an early riser
  • Advantages of staying up late
  • How does each preference affect a relationship?

14. Do aliens exist?

Debating the existence of extraterrestrial life can lead to hilarious hypotheticals about what aliens might look like or if they’ve already visited Earth.

  • What evidence supports their existence?
  • Would you want to meet an alien?
  • How would humanity react to confirmed alien life?

two people sitting on steps enjoying each other's companies

15. Is it ethical to time travel and change the past?

Time travel debates can get both of you laughing about the potential impacts of changing tiny details in history and how it could affect the present.

  • Would you fix past mistakes?
  • Potential risks of altering the past
  • Moral implications of time travel

16. Should adults have a mandatory nap time?

Arguing for or against adult nap times is not only funny but might reveal your partner’s views on relaxation and dealing with stress.

  • Benefits of napping for productivity
  • How to integrate nap time into a busy schedule
  • Can napping be considered lazy?

17. Is it acceptable to wear socks with sandals?

This debate about fashion faux pas can lead to laughter and lighthearted teasing about each other’s fashion choices.

  • Arguments for comfort vs. style
  • Historical uses of socks with sandals
  • Does the context matter?

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18. Are comic books just for children?

Debating the value and appeal of comic books can open up discussions about interests, childhood memories, and the impact of storytelling.

  • Complex themes in modern comics
  • How comic books influence culture
  • Comparisons to other forms of literature

19. Should you live forever if given the chance?

This topic explores ideas about life, relationships, and the future in a fun way, prompting discussions about what makes life valuable.

  • Pros and cons of immortality
  • How would eternal life affect relationships?
  • What would you do with unlimited time?

20. Which mythical creature would make the best pet?

Imagining life with a mythical pet can spark funny scenarios and preferences for magical abilities or companionship.

  • Practicality of dragons vs. unicorns
  • Feeding and care for mythical creatures
  • How would society react?

21. Is dancing a better workout than traditional gym exercises?

Debating the merits of dance offs versus gym workouts can uncover preferences for fun versus structured exercise, as well as attitudes towards health and fitness.

  • Benefits of dance for physical and mental health
  • Comparing the effectiveness of different types of exercise
  • Personal experiences with dance and gym workouts

These funny debate topics for dating are not only entertaining but also serve as an effective tool to learn more about each other’s opinions, beliefs, and sense of humor.

Sharing ideas and engaging in these debates means couples can boost morale, enhance communication, and build a healthy relationship grounded in mutual respect and understanding.